How long should I wait to grow my eyebrows out before getting them waxed?

Put your tweezers down and put your hands where I can see them! If you have to ask yourself this question, it's probably time. Let us do the work for you.. as long as your brows are being properly mapped and waxed and you aren't touching them at home, we will work together to grow them out to the proper, symmetrical shape over time. For example— it took Tara 9 MONTHS to get hers to grow back so yes.. it’s completely normal not to see immediate results— good things take time, right?

What if I'm using some form of Retin-A in my skincare routine?

No worries! Come on in for a patch test to ease your mind or just be sure to let your Arch Expert know prior to your service.  We have invested in a 98% natural wax delicate enough it allows us to wax even the most sensitive skin types!

Do you guys do threading?

No. However if you're someone who thinks you need it because “it lasts longer" or “wax breaks you out".. you're getting your brows done at the wrong place! Don't believe us?.. Waxing and threading are both depilatories— the removal of unwanted hair— so be sure to come in for a complimentary strip test to see how your skin reacts and how long it takes for your hair to grow back!

How long does a tint last?

Our vegetable based dye can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The lighter the brow hair, the longer it lasts. Please note that although your skin may be stained for a few days after your service, the color will remain ONLY on the brow hairs. The longevity can be jeprodized by swimming, sweating, excessive sun exposure, oily skin types, and oil based skincare products. We also highly recommend no sprays tans within a 24 hour window of your tinting service!

How do I prepare for The Fresh Peach?

Consult mother nature before booking your "peach" wax. Your pain threshold is at its highest around your menstrual cycle. You should let your hair grow out 2-3 weeks (about a quarter inch.. think of long grain rice) before your appointment.  To reduce redness and pain, you may take an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.  And if ibuprofen doesn't cut it, feel free to ask us for a complimentary glass of wine! (It's 5:00 somewhere, right?) Prone to irritation or ingrown hairs? Consult your waxologist about our Fur. line of retail!